I'm Done With the GOP

jon snow
I am done with the GOP and I am switching my party to Independent. I have the form printed out with my info on it. I only need to get a stamp now, tape it and send it. Reasons being:

1. They never mail or call me.
When they do manage to mail me, it's once a season, for a $5,000 dinner or something I can't afford. My Dem father gets mail and calls from them all the time, perhaps because of his hobbies. I get nothing.

2. They don't listen.
When I email them, they don't respond. They don't listen to us in regards to Syrria and other matters, choosing what benefits them more than us.

3. I hate to sound leftist but...
they DO prefer whites over minorities. Even if it's not blatant, it's observable. They might have minorities in the party but they don't really speak to US. So, much like when I was Pagan, I had to vote for them despite of who I am, for what I felt was the greater good.

Most recently I've noticed this in the hypocritical matter of Baby Veronica, who, for some reason, the Christian conservative groups would rather see the child with her adoptive parents than with her biological family and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Why? He's an Iraq veteran. He works in the national guard. He's married. He has a huge family and tribe willing to help him if he ever needs it. But they paint him out to be a deadbeat dad.

So, a veteran who lives in a red state, in a conservative Christian tribe is suddenly a bad man? Really? It used to be the gypsies that were said to carry off with other people's kids. Times have changed.

4. I can't object to anyone's statements on the right without my conservatism or intelligence being called into question.
It used to be that the Democrats questioned my intelligence. Now I have the right to deal with as well? Everytime they are corrected on anything, they say, "I hate this politically correct bs." I am not interested in being PC. But what I was interested in, for the sake of the damned party was using some tact. Some salesmanship. I mean does the party have Aspergers or something?

5. The party is just stupid.
I've been here in NY for the past few months, just waiting, waiting for the GOP candidate to leap out like a lion and show everyone that the GOP has a strong, ferocious candidate. To show he can do better than Quinn and Deblasio. I waited, I waited. After those candidates show their star power and get people interested in them, there's John Catsimatidis. Never heard of him, his name is hard to pronounce, and he decided to spend his time bashing Lhota, his GOP opponent. Sure, he has to win the primary, but it's September now and I am still 100% certain Quinn or Deblasio will be my next Mayor, and it makes me sad.

6. I joined the GOP after McCain's awful candidacy for President.
And he's still there, playing with his tablet while making important decisions, and making an ass out of the party.

7. Cain and West will never be elected to anything. The parties don't really support them. The parties don't support people like Santorum either. It's all for show, so we can get excited. But they chose Romney before the primaries even really began.

8. You have the majority in Congress and fuck it up so you get a 16% approval rating? Why don't you just hand it to the Dems on a silver platter?


jon snow

Who Speaks to Me

jon snow
This whole genealogy thing has me torn up and just studying about what went on and what still goes on today. It was very hard for me, as a mixed Republican, to try and find anyone I could lean on. If I express any of my thoughts about inequity, then white friends get super defensive in regards to their own race. It's understandable for them to be that way, especially when they aren't actively involved in that inequity. Everyone wants to feel good about their own people. That's a given.

I'd say among my 50 or so conservative friends/associates, there's maybe only 2 minorities and they were busy. I then took it upon myself to go mail Zo on Facebook, just so filled with grief and wanting to reach out to anybody. He gave me his perspective, which was comforting. I can't say I really agree with him on everything he said but I am so glad for him that he's worked it all out in his own mind and he's in a good place. So the way I overall see it is, when another minority is in a good place about what's gone on, they represent themselves, they don't represent all minorities. And I think that's kind of where the right goes wrong when it comes to minorities. They often point to where minorities go wrong to try and cover up when whites go wrong. As often is said, two wrongs do not make a right. Also, they often point to minorities, who are conservative, to say, well that minority thinks like me, so all the minorities need to do is think like me, and everything will be perfect. Why can't they be smart like me?

I saw this very evident when I had joined a community for black conservatives and the majority of people starting threads were very out of touch white people talking about how everyone needs to change but them. The blacks in the group were heavily outnumbered, and I was STARVING for their perspective.

I've found a small comfort this week by watching a fellow named Tommy Sotomayor on Youtube. I quite like him. It seems to me that he's conservative minded while criticizing both races. The difference I see between him and perhaps other minority conservatives is that he seems to always address minorities in his videos. There is the definite feeling that he is talking to his own people, and mixed people, rather than us feeling like we are awkwardly invited to become part of a club.

That's really what I need. It's always been a bit awkward for me to be conservative, especially when I was Pagan, and so many people would speak from a Christian perspective. Now that I have this new awareness, I need new people who can help keep me feeling a part of it all. I'll still vote conservative because I believe in the greater good. I just don't always feel a part of the party.

And to add to that sentiment, I am finding the GOP very pathetic right now in regards to how they treat me and what they do. The GOP has been contacting my father on numerous occasions on very important matters. Even when Romney was running, Romney was sending him autographed photos. What did I receive? Nothing much at all. I get the occasional email that invites me to spend $3,000 on a dinner with a politician. While Obama is fucking up our country, the most recent email the GOP sent me was gushing about how Cuomo helped his flood assistance in my state. I really, truly, feel like the higher ups don't give a fuck about me or winning in NY at all. I have so much free time on my hands that I could put towards helping them out, if I could just see where. Meanwhile the other party is having cheap events to get their people involved, and using Soros' money to give young people jobs. If it were not for realizing they're of the devil, I'd hop right over. The only incentive to stay are morals and principles. The Tea Party really does need to takeover and get rid of them.

Browser Filters

jon snow
For anybody feeling emotionally overloaded or annoyed by the current politics on FB, these two extensions will help.

Chrome extension.

SocialFixer for Firefox.


jon snow
Considering deactivating all my social network accounts until both sides stop talking about this case.

Jul. 1st, 2013

jon snow
Well, I've always known I was mixed with black, white, native and chinese, but I recently found out that isn't exactly true. Where I thought I was native actually turned out to be more black and white.It simplifies matters a bit because now I'm just white, black and chinese; but it's disheartening the more and more I read into my slave ancestry. I can say with all honesty that I do now understand the words "white privilege."

I've also made some documented Cherokee friends in the process, who I give my support to in defending their tribe from fakes.

Pro-Incest Mobs, WTF?

jon snow
You know I haven't felt all too inclined to post here in a while. I remember the old days when I'd make 3 posts a day, or maybe 5 on a really special day. Now FB has pretty much replaced all of that. If I need to really talk, there's FB groups or Skype. I keep most of my deep thoughts to myself.

But I will say, I thought LJ had some perverse liberals on it that really turned me off from being involved in communities here. Well, I just got totally flamed because the topic of incest came up and someone said, to paraphrase, who cares about incest as long as it's consensual. I thought I'd met some sick fucks here, but to see an entire mob of pro-incest people tell me I'm sexually repressed if incest bothers me, well that just takes my dying hope for humanity to an all new low.

I know it seems like the evolved thing to look at all culture and morality as subjective, but there has to be a point where people say no. Maybe the world is not more evolved if everybody gets their way, no more than a child is more adult if you give them ice cream everytime they ask for it.

Jun. 12th, 2012

jon snow
That moment when some Facebook friends act so childish you're tempted to create an event called "Kiss My Ass" and invite them to it, but that would be childish.